Well, we’ve been waiting on an interview a while and then we were going to post this but as we havent had it back yet, we’ll do it now.

We are - an online clothing store for Europes underground hip-hop heads. At the time of writing our tees feature artists like Wu Tang Clan, Pete Rock, Black Sheep, A Tribe Called Quest, Guru, J Dilla, Run DMC and a whole lot more.

The Originators - J Dilla tee

Manifest Worldwide - We Got The Jazz tee

Sneaktip - Who Shot Ya tee

We started back in May 2011. It was started because the tees we wanted were only ever in America which ends up costing a fortune in shipping and then when it’s delivered, you get stung for tax. We were fed up of paying £50 for a £20 t-shirt and decided to bring true underground hip-hop clothing to the UK for the first time with the dopest urban streetwear brands from the US. We also come with a huge passion for both hip-hop and streetwear.

Having been victim to paying shipping and taxes, it is Rockfresh policy to have no hidden charges. Even in the UK you can buy something on the net only to have VAT added at the checkout and £5 added for shipping. If our price says £20, it is £20 including all taxes and shipping is always free, regardless of order size.

It’s been a slow start as we get our name out there but we’re starting to make some noise in the UK hip-hop community as DJs and emcees alike rock our gear for shows.

Behind the scenes is just one man (me!) who has been down with underground hip-hop since 1992. We want to be more than just a hip-hop store, we want to get involved with the larger hip-hop community and many of our customers are surprised that we like to talk to people and discuss all things hip-hop and more rather than just throwing our shop down your throat all the time.

Join us on Facebook:

Join us on Twitter:!/Rockfreshltd

Feel free to talk to us or make any suggestions or even send us your music!

So please give us a check. - we help you keep it real!

Rocksmith x Wu Tang Clan - 36 Chambers tee

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